Make family life simple.
Put it on The Fridge!

What is The Fridge?


Raising a family is hard work. Each year there are hundreds of different activities to schedule, appointments to attend and bills to pay. So we built an app for families and we called it The Fridge. Families use The Fridge to manage all their activities in one place.


Keep in touch

With the ability to access photos and notes at any time from wherever you are, you can view or add important notes for you or to share with your family at all times.

Never forget a birthday

Write short reminders or detailed notes so you will never miss an important event again! Whether it's a birthday or a graduation, always keep track of the things happening in your family.

More time for family

Stay organised by sorting notes and photos by date added or date due. Spend less time trying to find notes and use the extra time to spend more time with your family.


Put it on The Fridge!